giovedì, marzo 07, 2013

Racing Legends

Another very good piece of automotive television from BBC. Racing Legends is a small series of three episodes where a famous Englishman (and a petrolhead) interview an icon of English motorsport.

In the first episode well-known actor Patrick Stewart meets an hero of his youth: Sir Stirling Moss. In the second top chef James Martin share the life of another icon of Formula 1, three times world champion Jackie Stewart. The last episode is a little bit different. Chris Hoy, six times Olympic champion, try to re-live the story of the most successful English rally driver, Colin McRae, that died in 2007 in an helicopter accident.
In all episodes great cars from the stories of these legends come back in life through the hands of the "interviewers". All of them are truly inspiring and very worth of watching.

You can find all the episodes on the "torrent network" or at these link on youtube (until they will be removed by BBC): Stirling Moss, Jackie StewartColin Mcrae.

martedì, marzo 05, 2013


It cannot be any other post today.

Here you can find an interesting comparison between LaFerrari and the other queen of Geneva, the McLaren P1.

Dedicated website for the new Maranello's beast